Neal Schon



Imagine a movie house on the edge of town. You take your seat, as the lights dim and fade to black. Slowly, an image flickers onto the screen and comes into focus. And all at once, you’re soaring, flying high above mountains, oceans, cityscapes. Then, gradually, the scene shifts, and you find yourself bouncing along to vibrant colorscapes, full of dazzling action and life. Finally, you’re witness to a personal, intimate scene, moving and intense. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It takes your breath away. You’re inspired.

This isn’t just any film; the movie unfolding before your eyes is being created by your imagination, all with the help of an exceptional instrumental soundtrack. That soundtrack is provided by legendary guitarist, Neal Schon.

With over three decades of making music, Schon continues to inspire all with his sixth solo outing, a dazzling collection of guitar instrumentals entitled “i on U.” What else could be next for a musician who’s done it all? As the lead guitarist and songwriter for the multi-platinum band Journey, not to mention his work with guitar legend Santana and composer Jan Hammer, Schon has lived the life of several rock gods. Still, he continues to reinvent himself, taking his own musical vision to new heights. Playing with modern sounds and flavors, yet always staying true to his signature guitar sound, “i On U” pulls it all together. Says Schon, “this is the first album that encompasses everything and makes it brand new.”

Each listener will experience it differently. From the majestic opening of “Blue Passion,” and the soaring melodies of the title track, the songs suggest wide open spaces, an overview of what’s to come, with tracks like the driving, passionate “Burning Bridges.” Then it’s on to the far off reaches of the imagination, with the arpeggiated rhythms of “Timeless Motion,” the spicy funk of “Loner’s Dream,” and the eastern flair of “It Will Happen.” Nothing to do but sit back and see where it all takes you.

Teaming up with keyboardist and songwriter Igor Len as co-producer, Schon conceived of this sonic adventure as the next step forward in his enduring career. Using the latest in technology to craft loops and beats, Schon and Len give it a human touch with the help of the supremely talented session drummer Omar Hakim. And then there’s the guitar. Using his signature sound to float endless hooks and melodies, Schon brings it all to life. “The guitar is one of the most expressive instruments of our time,” says Schon, and, of course, he’s right. To hear it all come together, check out the hypnotic “Moon Dust,” with its sweet contemplative rhythms that build to an inspirational crescendo. And finally, close your eyes as the album comes to emotional peak and fades away with the gorgeous ballad, “Father.”

Where might “i On U” take you? Says Neal Schon, “It’s entirely up to your imagination.” Enjoy the show.